Dana Hubbard Quotes


“...a cross between Bruce Cockburn and Jorma Kaukonen!”
-Andre de Channes, host of “Thursday Night Live” -KRSH 95.9 FM Santa Rosa, CA

“...he works some serious magic with both harmonica and guitar.
The Daily Clog - Posted by Diana Newby 09/05/10 http://clog.dailycal.org - Berkeley, CA

“Exactly what we look for to keep the integrity of the Bay Area music scene’s reputation on the rise.”
Bill Evans / Music Director -KFOG 104.5 San Francisco, CA.

"Soulful singer/songwriter, first rate acoustic guitar player, scorching electric blues guitar"
-METRO Music review Santa Cruz, CA.

“The team of harmonica and guitar together is impressive. His voice may be the best thing yet.”
RPM MAGAZINE -Live review San Francisco, CA.
“He’s got soul and can write a song.”
BAM MAGAZINE -CD review Los Angeles, CA.