Dana Hubbard / Concert References


...what previous concert hosts say!

"Wow! Just wow! Dana is a fantastic musician! Such awesome talent combined with great stage presence created a truly memorable experience! His stories and song lyrics were very engaging, and really drew the audience in. Dana was a pleasure to host, and the great communication with him and his team leading up to the show allowed the concert to flow without a hitch. He sure has set the bar high for my first concert. I look forward to having him back again!"
(Theresa Cox - Tree's House Concert, Chico, CA)

"We hosted our 6th house concert, which featured Dana Hubbard. Just when we think we have already hosted "the best" concert yet, we are proven wrong. We - and our entire audience of 40 - were completely enthralled by Dana. His interaction with the audience was so present, so involving. His songs and songwriting were varied in style and held the interest of the audience throughout the performance. And so many of our guests commented that they were completely mesmerized by watching his playing skills. Dana not only engaged the audience during his performance, but also during the intermission and following the show, when he literally had a line of folks wanting to speak with him, and he spent time with each of them. Dana was an extremely considerate artist - emailing and calling with questions, checking in with us periodically and even calling from the street to make sure we were ready for him to come down and set up. And for the first time, we are looking to book a repeat artist for our series - and that artist is Dana. Thank you CIYH for providing us the forum to book Dana and for turning us on to a local gem! I highly, highly recommned Dana as a house concert performer. He shines."
(Cindy Canup - SYLA Presents, Oakland CA)

"Dana is a wonderful artist and a great choice for a home concert. Not only is he an extremely talented guitarist and songwriter, but he is also very personable and warm. He really connected with our guests on many levels and was very generous with his time and encouragement for our musician-friends who participated in the open mic portion that followed. A perfect home concert musician!"
(Janet Romanowski -
D&J's Home Concerts, Santa Cruz, CA)

"Hosting Dana was truly a delight. He sang his own songs, which are varied and excellent and went over very well with our audience. His friendly and lively personality made for good rapport with the audience, and his stand-out guitar skills wowed folks. Communication was tops, booking went smoothly, and he is a perfect house guest. We would definitely welcome this genuine professional back."
(B. Himmer - Western Trails House Concert, Kerrville TX)

"I would highly recommend Dana Hubbard. He did a great concert. The word spread and we are sold out for our next concert.
(Nolan Pepperdine - Ollala House Concerts, Ollala WA)"

"Members of our audience said "Best show yet!" Dana definitely knows that his business is to ENTERTAIN. His show was a two-way conversation. Our audience sang along, shouted, hollered, made suggestions, stomped, rocked, and came away wanting more!"
(Carol Keig - Lenny & Carols House Concert, Cloverdale CA)

"This was our first house concert. Dana was fantastic. He couldn't have been more polite and easy to work with. His show was great and he got a very strong response from the audience. Because this experience was so positive, we're definitely going to do more house concerts. Dana was even kind enough to invite me to play guitar with him on a tune during the show and then play a little together with me after. A+"
(Zack Zwerdling - Club Fickle Hill house Concert, Arcata CA)

"Dana surprised me with how well he commanded the attention of the audience. He plays a strong rhythmic style, like a steamroller coming down at you, but offsets that with some nice runs and picking. His playing complements his clear strong voice and very pointed and direct lyrics. I love the topical nature of some of his songs, and takes a perspective on some issues not always thought of. He was a treat to host and was sent to the Memphis Blues Challenge representing a blues organization from the northwest. Great guy and he loves to share the stage, bring people up and see what magic may happen. I loved playing with him, we even did a harmonica duo, a blast!"
(Marc Nassar - Salem House Concerts, Salem OR)